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Michel’s work record has earned him the reputation among CEOs and Directors as the go-to guy to solve business problems. He been inserted into many hostile environments and has found a way to control the stress and ultimately help companies succeed.

He has stepped into companies to cover various areas such as:

  • restructuring
  • re-take control
  • growth accelerator
  • cash management
  • m&a, streamline finance process
  • finance team optimization

As CFO for a Mid-Size European Group (M€500) the last 10 years, he has full ownership of the finance organization across all functions (audit, tax, treasury, reporting, legal, etc).

He role models responsibility for actions to build individual self-esteem and unleash potential to meet any challenge. His adaptability allows him to integrate with different cultures motivating international teams to engage in the search for a competitive edge.

Michel did an outstanding job by proactively identify business issues, being a trusted advisor, and being able to develop and execute short term plans to achieve the long term objective.

-William Glass, CEO, Jersel

Languages (FR/ENG/SPA)


debt reduction

due-diligences lead


Your best financial path

In a world where change is constant…

I enjoy finding solutions to the toughest problems.

I have more than 20 years’ worth of experience with leading finance teams in several countries in Asia, the US and Europe: 10 years as Group CFO in an international turbulent environment and 10 years’ experiences in large manufacturing facilities.

This journey was rich in experiences : I lead with the CEO a ¨last man standing strategy¨; I built finance teams with different cultures empowering them; I lead complex restructuring and complex merger & acquisitions with carve out integration problematic ; I transformed an organization into ¨cash is king¨ culture with huge working capital improvement and large refinancing; I did various times lead best practices, continuous improvement approach and new ERP implementation in finance organizations; as Group Chief Financial Officer I had full ownership of finance organization across all functions (audit, tax, treasury, reporting, legal, etc).

I like to act as CEO business partner and top management team. I enjoy challenges, fast pace environments and working within intelligent teams. I also like to solve very diversified problems for different kind of companies where my large experience is key for success : an excellent reason to be an international Interim Chief Financial Officer.

Mental flexibility and focus for changes led me also to connect with the startup world where positive energy is combined with new ideas and technology. It helped me to go beyond the corporate world I was used to and introduced me to new ways of thinking and working.

I have lived and worked in France, Spain, Thailand, the U.S. and now the Netherlands. I strongly believe in the European construction benefits.
I enjoy trekking around the globe. I´m also passionate about Tai Chi and the power of its principles.

Startup Mentoring

Connected Circles is a dedicated solution for top C-Level employees to engage meaningfully with social media & build an online strategy to increase the value of a brand & company. Connected Circles uses hardcore data & special software tools to push their clients to the next level and partnered with LinkedIn & Ace Startup Village Amsterdam.

Within 6 months, this startup led by Mylena Pierremont (a woman!) is flying off the shelf. Several (inter)national companies signed up with the services of Connected Circles. This team of 14 people of Connected Circles has big plans to go worldwide and Paris is their first stop abroad. I am honored to serve as a CFO & mentor for them and accompany their journey worldwide.

CFO – Connected Circles

How Much Money Should I Raise? How Much Is my Startup Worth? Where to start? How to manage?

I mentor startups in helping them build the proper finance business model for their unique situation. Startups provide exciting opportunities for our future and I believe it’s important that busy decision makers understand their business from a financial perspective. (Advantages and drawbacks to each option and what to aim for)


“Michel is a very competent professional with an overall understanding of multinational businesses. Although his main strength is in Finance, he has the capabilities and understanding to participate of both strategic and operational decisions. Michel is a flexible, results oriented manager with a very positive approach and attitude to complex projects and situations. I have worked with Michel for over 10 years and I endorse his work with no reservations.”

– José María Camacho Fernández, CEO & Managing Director

Interim manager

“During my years as Managing Director of CirclePrinters Nordic, I did work closely with Michel. On top of his Group CFO role he temporarily acted also as CFO for Swedish and later Finnish operations. Michel did manage operational finance department wery efficiently and proactively. Michel did adapt very well to the Nordic way of working and has proven to be ready for any future challenge in the Nordic countries.”

– Seppo Rantala, Interim Manager


“Au début de l’année 2011, CirclePrinters France dont j’étais le Directeur Général, est entré en procédure de restructuration de l’ensemble des opérations en France concernant 4 sites industriels et plus de 1500 employés. Michel, en tant que Directeur Financier et représentant de CirclePrinters Europe, en a été un acteur important. Son intense implication, sa compréhension du dossier et de ses enjeux, son soutien positif à l’équipe de direction française et ses qualités de relations avec les différents acteurs du dossier, ont contribué de manière significative au fait que ce processus s’est conclu par la continuation au moins partielle de tous les sites industriels et un accord avec les différentes parties seulement 10 mois plus tard.”

– Jacques Le Morvan, President at JLM Conseils et Gestion

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